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Help Find a Cure

ALS is a terrible orphan disease that deserves both awareness and research to find a cure.  If you would like to help find a cure, please donate to Emory ALS Research Center.

Mike & John

We are identical twins both diagnosed with genetic ALS at the age of 47.  While a cure is not in our future, we appreciate your help in spreading awareness and helping to find a cure for this disease.  Thank you!


Being identical twins, we are in the unique position to help ALS researchers throughout the country.  While a cure is not in our future, we will continue to help with research for others.  We have participated in numerous studies with the hope of solving a piece or two of the ALS puzzle.  We have donated countless units of blood for genetic, epigenetic, and human genome research.  We have donated countless units of Cerebral Spinal Fluid, taken by lumbar punctures, for research.  We have given core muscle and nerve samples for research.  We have done MRI/CT full body scans along with multiple other research studies.  We have endured blown veins, dry lumbar punctures, Munix (shock) tests, and a whole host of other uncomfortable test to help further ALS research.  While we continue to do everything we can for research on our end, you too can help.  Together we can  STOP ALS.